Take a look at the selection of classes offered here at MADE. Our classes fall under 2 categories: OM and Sweat.

Our OM Classes include Yoga, Pilates & Meditation.

Our Sweat Classes include Indoor Cycle, HIIT, Dance and much more.

OM Class Prices

1 Class Pass         £8.00

6 Class Passes     £43.00 (10% off)

12 Class Passes   £81.00 (15% off)

Hatha Yoga 60 mins
Hatha is the original form of yoga which all other styles evolved from. It is a slow and steady flow which focuses on building strength and focus whilst connecting mind, body and breath. You may not work up a sweat but you will leave feeling longer, looser and much more relaxed.

Power Yoga 60 mins
So much more than just a physical workout; it’s not about being able to put your legs behind your head, it’s about loving and looking after yourself. We will challenge your limits, mentally and physically. It doesn’t matter how fit, old or flexible you are because the only person you are competing against is yourself. Power Yoga will help you to cultivate strength, balance and flexibility whilst ultimately working toward being a healthier and happier you.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 60 mins
Synchronising movement and breath; Vinyasa is a graceful flow which is sweaty, powerful and challenging (with just enough pause to allow for proper alignment). Vinyasa helps us to disconnect from the outside world and be completely present through the deep and steady rhythm of connecting breath and movement.

Pilates 60 mins
Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance for the entire body. Pilates puts emphasis on alignment, breathing and helps to develop a strong core. It’s a go to for total body health and wellbeing.

Yoga-Lates 60 mins
A unique fusion of yoga & fitness pilates that incorporates the stretch, strength & flow of yoga postures combined with a focus on pilates techniques to strengthen the core helping to offset musculoskeletal imbalances. A great all-rounder!

Invigorating Pranyama Workshop 90 mins
Pranayama is a Sanskrit word which relates to the lifeforce of the body – the breath, and how to control it. During these workshops we will be using different techniques to energise and relax through breathing exercises which will aim to clear physical and emotional obstacles within the body.

Yoga Boot Camp 60 mins
Firm, burn and balance. Taking yoga to the next level with a core intensive workout that incorporates cardio, body weight and abdominal work into Vinyasa yoga.

C.O.R.E Yoga Workshop 60 mins
Change. Optimise. Reconnect. Exceed. A series of workshops aimed at specific disciplines to help you dive deeper into your yoga practice. From arm balances and inversions for beginners to backbends and yoga for athletes, watch this space for what we have in store for the coming weeks.

Yoga Nidra 60 mins
Also known as ‘Yogic Sleep’, promotes deep rest and relaxation and is unlike any other form of guided meditation. Through different stages you learn to scan the body and connect with your breath, it is known to be calming for the nervous system, whilst also helping those who suffer from insomnia, stress and anxiety.

Yoga & Relax 90 mins
A delicious way to relax and soothe frayed nerves after a long and tiring week. Incorporating passive poses through the use of blocks and bolsters so that the body can receive maximum benefit whilst exerting minimum effort. More rejuvenating than a nap and great for flexibility and muscle and joint health.

Meditation 45 mins
It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to appreciate the present. Mindful meditation is a guided meditation to help you become more relaxed and in tune with yourself and how your inner most thoughts flow through you. Helping to relieve stress and anxiety, to become more aware of how your thoughts affect you and to view the world (and yourself) with less judgement.

Sweat Class Prices

1 Class Pass         £6.00

6 Class Passes     £32.00 (10% off)

12 Class Passes   £61.00 (15% off)

HIIT & Run 30 mins
Our HIIT & Run classes are short and sweet but certainly not easy! In just 30 mins, you will train your entire body working to a variety of timings where you work to 100% effort before rest. A great way to build up your strength and fitness. As well as getting the endorphins flowing!

EnCORE 30 mins
This class takes the intensity down and focuses on concentrated moves to target your abdominal muscles for ultimate results. Focusing on the abs and posterior chain, you will use a variety of equipment including weight plates and resistance bands to target glutes, quads, hamstrings and core. #FeelTheBurn

BOOMbox 45 mins
Our boxing class combines pad work with circuit style training for a heartrate
raising experience. Not only will this offer a fantastc upper body workout using our MADE pads and gloves, it will also focus on other muscles in the body during the high intensity moves. Did we menton it’s also a fantastic stress reliever!?

Total Barbell 45 mins
Utilising our barbells and plates, you will use resistance training to target and tone every muscle in the body. From legs to arms, we will coach on the correct technique throughout to ensure you get the most from your workout. The entire class is built around the equipment so expect resistance style training with heart raising exercises around and over the bar (no gins involved…until after!)

Dance Fit 45 mins
Dance is a great way to keep fit so why not join us for our low impact version of our normal dance class. Perfect for all, this dance class enables participants to work out and keep active with low impact options to decrease strain on the joints and muscles.

Outdoor Bootcamp 60 mins

It would be rude not to train in the amazing surroundings that MADE sits in! In our outdoor bootcamp, expect a variety of training utilising our woodland trail, terrace and 72 acres of land. Expect our outdoor workouts to take place in all weather conditions, from sunny summer days to cool winter evenings*!

Family Bootcamp 60 mins
Teach your children good habits and they will adopt them into their own lives, from healthy eating to exercise. The importance of our family friendly bootcamp is to bring the whole crew together and learn fun new fitness techniques both indoors and outdoors* to keep the whole family healthy! Minimum age 7 years.

TRIAD 45 mins
The holy trinity in health and fitness… cardio, resistance and core. The class is broken down to focus on the key areas of fitness to ensure you get the most from your workout. Expect total bodyweight moves to raise the heart rate, get you sweaty and ready to hit the weights!

HR X 45 mins
Taking the principles of our original HIIT and Run class but adding high intensity core and abdominal exercises to take the class to the MAX. In this extended class, you will train every muscle in the body with dedicated time focused on the core to shape and sculpt your entire body.

Rhythm (Cycle) 45 mins
Rhythm is our big night out, but on the bike! The whole class is to the rhythm of the beat to ensure you don’t stop moving. Choreographed to the biggest hits, expect anything from 90s classics to 70s disco! A total workout incorporating hills, sprints, jogs and push ups. The ultimate feel good factor workout!

REV Express (Cycle) 30 mins
All the benefits of our REVolution class but in just 30 minutes. Perfect for all abilities, this class enables you to get in and get out but still gain all the benefits of a fat burning indoor cycling class.

REVolution (Cycle) 45 mins
REVolution is a class like no other! REVolution focuses on real indoor cycling
training. You’ll utilise our coach by colour technology and our virtual rides,
focusing on hills, high speed and flat training.

Gym HIIT 30 mins
We’ve got the very best equipment so why not use it. Based in our Boutique Gym, Gym HIIT is a 30 minute heart raising, sweat dripping circuit. Gym HIIT keeps it personal with a maximum of 6 people per session.