Re-focus your mind and soul

Meditation is all about taking the time out our hectic to lives to reflect and re-focus our energy on all the positives. Throw away our negative energy and take that much needed time to be alone in our thoughts and prepare for the next day ahead.

Mindful Meditation
It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to appreciate the present. Mindful meditation is a guided meditation to help you become more relaxed and in tune with yourself and how your inner most thoughts flow through you. Helping to relieve stress and anxiety, to become more aware of how your thoughts affect you and to view the world (and yourself) with less judgement.

Invigorating Pranyama Workshop
Pranayama is a Sanskrit word which relates to the lifeforce of the body – the breath, and how to control it. During these workshops we will be using different techniques to energise and relax through breathing exercises which will aim to clear physical and emotional obstacles within the body.