The Top 5 Benefits of Cycle Classes

The top 5 benefits of Cycle Classes! 

Cycle classes have become a popular workout over recent years, and it’s for good reason! According to some studies1 one hour of spinning is enough to trigger the release of blood chemicals associated with heart stress or changes, which is a signal that the heart is getting a good work out!  

If that isn’t enough to show you why spinning is one of the best high-intensity workouts, then keep on reading as we are going to put together the 5 benefits of spin classes… 

  1. Improves your Cardiovascular health 

If you want a healthier heart you can definitely pedal your way towards one! One huge thing to remember is that cycling is a workout for your heart and lungs, as well as everywhere else! Cycling is an intense cardio workout which helps improve your cardiovascular health the more you train on the bike. You will also learn how to control your breathing with spinning because it requires you to work hard, this can help lower your heart rate when you exercise and lose your breath!

2. Burn those calories! 

You can definitely feel the burn when you do a cycle class and that’s because spinning helps burn a ton of calories! The high-intensity nature of cycling classes means you work hard which helps you burn calories. In an hour you can burn as much as 500 calories and attending 2 spin classes a week can even help you lose weight!

3. Push at your own pace! 

All cycling classes are going to be hard work, but how intense you want your class to be is completely up to you. Cycle classes can be modified depending on the individual because of the actual controls on the bike and positions on the bike. Typically, you will go through different paces throughout any cycle class, but at MADE we offer different classes based on specific levels of intensity. Some classes are tamer, whilst some are more intense! 

4.Full body workout 

You may think because of all the pedalling that cycle class just focuses on your legs, but it also works your core muscles! Your heart, glutes, back and upper body are all worked due to the conditions and positions used in cycle class. So, the whole body benefits from a spinning workout!

5. Have fun! 

It’s easy to dread exercise, but spin classes are exhilarating and combine music with cycling to create an upbeat, exciting atmosphere that is enjoyable – not your regular boring workout! You leave with a sense of relief, less stressed and completely energised. 

At MADE we have our very own cycle cave as we wanted our spin classes to be a completely immersive, energetic experience.  Our cycle cave includes disco lights, projector screens and our energetic instructors to keep you going! 

The best way to see the benefits of a spinning class is to come to one! We offer day-passes for all of our classes, so why not give one of our cycle classes a try? Take a look at our timetable here to see the variety of spinning classes we have available: