Sometimes when people talk about eating healthy, it’s hard to picture it as anything other than snacking on celery and eating plain salads. But realistically, healthy eating can be an extremely fun way of experimenting with new ingredients and recipes that are good for you. At the end of the day, eating healthy isn’t about the fad diets, it’s about making better choices with the food.

So, to help you get excited about eating healthier, we have put some tips together which will help you in your journey to a healthier diet.

#1 Set small, realistic goals

When it comes to eating healthy, it’s the little choices that will ultimately lead you to a better lifestyle. Don’t expect to be able to cut out sweet treats and unhealthy snacks completely at the start but making small decisions like a piece of fruit instead of biscuits can make all the difference!

#2 Don’t punish yourself

Avoid thinking you have “fallen off the wagon” because that mentality makes you feel like you have failed – which you haven’t! We are all going to have times where a pizza will be more satisfying than a salad, it is nothing to feel guilty over. Like we said before, it’s about making more frequently healthier choices, not cutting out all your favourites forever.

#3 Adapt to your lifestyle

A lot of the reason why we choose unhealthier food is mostly out of convenience during our busy lives. If you work in an office or you are always on the go, you should prepare some healthy snacks like celery and hummus, so you have something other than the office biscuit selection to choose from!

#4 Make it look good

When your food is visually pleasing it’s always going to be more appetising than something thrown together. At MADE we love incorporating colourful ingredients like berries and bright veg into our meals to make them vivid and exciting. Plus, it helps make your food super Instagramable!

#5 Find alternatives

A lot of the things that we do love, like chocolate, actually have good alternatives that are just as tasty! We have plenty of tasty treats in our café like brownies and cakes that are good for you because of alternatives like cacao!

#6 Try new recipes

Sticking to the same meals will eventually get boring, whether it’s healthy or not! Start looking on Pinterest or online for some healthy meal ideas and try something new, it will help you incorporate new, healthy ingredients to your meals!

The most important thing when it comes to healthy eating is to make sure you see it as a positive choice, avoid getting into the mindset of cake is off limits and making yourself feel guilty!

For recipe ideas or information on our meal plans that we have available check out our ‘Made to Nourish’ section of our website.