MADE Assessments

Wellness & Body Assessments at MADE

Our assessments are designed to help you benchmark your fitness journey, adapt your training to suite you as an indiviual and show you how far you’ve come.

MADE Wellness Assessment

MADE Wellness Assessment is a 45 minute health check carried out by one of our experienced personal trainers. During the test you will discuss your overall health and fitness, and we will perform non-invasive key clinical tests such as blood glucose and blood pressure, to identify any potential health risks. There will also be a health & wellbeing questionnaire and your results will be used to create a customised plan to help you towards achieving your health and fitness goals.


Fit 3D Body Scanner

A 360 body scan is a term for the process behind creating a virtual avatar of a persons body. It enables us to track body change in many ways. Nowadays, 360 body scanners go far beyond just a visualisation of a gym member and gives deep insights into the user’s health, body composition, full posture reports and circumferences across the client’s entire body.

The FIT3D scanner works by taking 1,200 images of the gym member while they stand on a rotational baseplate. These images are sent back to a central server to stitch together and creates the virtual avatar as well as body fat percentage, fat mass vs lean mass, measurements, wellness metrics and posture reports. All reports are then delivered to the individual member’s personal account for them to access.



MADE Wellness Assessment – £30 per assessment

Fit3D Body Scan – £20 per scan

**Your scan will take 15 minutes and you can then book an optional seperate consultation meeting for 15 minutes after your consultation has taken place.** 

Wellness Assessments and Body Scans are included in all Wellness Memberships.