Take a look at the selection of classes offered here at MADE. Our classes fall under 2 categories: OM and Sweat.

Our OM Classes include Yoga, Pilates & Meditation.

Our Sweat Classes include Indoor Cycle, HIIT, Dance and much more.

OM Class Prices

1 Class Pass         £8.00

6 Class Passes     £43.00 (£7.17 per class)

12 Class Passes   £81.00 (£6.75 per class)

The above prices include pre / post natal yoga too.

£12.00 – Monthly Yoga work shop (Last Saturday of every month)

£10.00 –  Pay as you go on 90 minute classes.

Traditional Yoga

Hatha Yoga 60 mins

A slower from of yoga preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation. Hatha yoga combines the practices of asana (yoga postures) and Pranayama (breathing exercises) to bring peace to the mind & body.


Stretch & Restore Yoga 90 mins

Passes poses with blocks and bolsters ensure maximum benefit with minimum effort, great for flexibility, muscles and joint health. More rejuvenating than a nap, a delicious way to soothe frayed nerves after a tiring week.

Happy Hips & Healthy Spine 60 mins

This yoga and mobility workshop is designed to strengthen and free your strained, shortened, tight muscles after years of sitting for long periods, running and cycling, and simply not moving the way you were designed to move. You will learn to cultivate a greater range of motion and flexibility in the key areas of the body; shoulders, spine and all areas of the hips, including the hamstrings.


Specialist Yoga

PiYo Fusion 60 minutes

A unique fusion of Pilates & Yoga that incorporates Pilates techniques to build core control & offset musculoskeletal imbalances & Yoga postures to enhance balance, strength & flexibility. A great fitness all-rounder & a gift for body & mind!


Parent and Baby Yoga 60 minutes

Suitable for parents and babies post birth from 6 weeks or 12 weeks (if you have had a caesarean). Designed to regain physical strength and energy whilst building a strong bond between you and your baby.

Pregnancy Yoga 60 minutes

Prenatal yoga is great for women to increase strength and flexibility. Helping you to develop proper breathing & relaxation techniques for easier & more comfortable pregnancy & labour.


Power Yoga


Fitness Pilates 60 mins 

Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance for the entire body. Pilates puts emphasis on alignment, breathing and strengthening your core. A go too for total body health and wellbeing.

Power Yoga 60 mins 

An intense form of yoga that will really make you sweat! Power yoga classes follow a faster rhythm for a challenging workout.




Meditation 45 mins

Meditation is the practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualisation, the breath and movement. It helps you to detach from the busy modern world, reducing stress, promoting relaxation and enhancing both spiritual and personal growth.


Sweat Class Prices

1 Class Pass         £6.00

6 Class Passes     £32.00 (£5.33 per class)

12 Class Passes   £61.00 (£5.08 per class)


Metcon Circuits 45 mins

A full body metabolic conditioning workshop combining the traditional set up style of a circuit class with short bursts of high-intensity. The ultimate fat-burning and conditioning class combining both strength and cardio.

Total Barbell 45 mins

Resistance training with barbells and plates, targeting and toning every muscle in your body including arms, shoulders, back and legs..lots of legs. We will coach you on the right techniques so you get the most out of your workout. Expect resistance training with heart-raising exercises around and over the bar.

Kettle Bell  45 mins

Kettlebell exercises combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training, enhancing your core strength due to the shape of the weight. You will work several muscles simultaneously, repeating combinations for an aerobic workout. Build your strength and endurance with coordinated movements, particularly in the lower back, shoulders and legs. A popular, powerful, conditioning class.


Members Only PT 30 mins

Small group personal training sessions in our gym exclusively to our MADE Wellness Members.

Hypertrophy 30 mins

Hypertrophy is a small group class in our gym that focuses on isolated muscle weight training. Each session will focus on a different muscle group for example chest, shoulders, back, legs and arms. The aim is to work on muscle tone and build, with advice on reputations and sets, ensuring your technique and tempo is right. A focus session with a maximum of 6 people per a class.

Booty Werk 30 mins 

BootyWerk focuses on our biggest muscle group, the glutes! No excuses when training your legs & bum – your body can handle it. With a combination of isolation and strength moves to lift, tone and tighten. An intense group exercise experience, designed to push your lower body to the next level of extortion.

Gym HIIT 30 mins

Using the state of the art equipment in our boutique gym, Gym HIIT is a 30 minute heart-raising, sweat – dripping circuit. A focused, personal class with a maximum of 8 people per a session.

Indoor Cycle

Our cycling cave is one of a kind in Staffordshire with Bose sound, dynamic lighting and the best indoor cycles on the market. Next generation looks, magnetic resistance, customised training zones, bluetooth connectivity and the market’s most accurate watt rate power meter, all combine for a motivating, personalised indoor cycling experience. 

Cycle Funk  45 mins

A party on the bike.. our fun, motivating, up-tempo workout to the beat.

Cycle Inferno 30 30 mins

An intense 30-minute blast..maximising calorie burn with minimum time.

Cycle Performance 45 mins

Next level cycling disciplines..chain gang, threshold, climbs, intervals and time trials.

Cycle 500 45 mins

Push yourself to the limit..high performance cycling with the aim of burning 500 calories

Cycle Body Blast 45 mins

Dynamic, fast-flowing’ll be jumping, squatting, sprinting and punching.

Cycle Power Hour 60 mins

This class will push you to your limits with a 60minutes intense workout combing climbs, sprints and time trials.



HIIT 45 mins

Full body workout to a variety of timings, pushing yourself to the limit before rest. A great way to build up your strength and fitness levels, as well as get those endorphins flowing.

Plyo Blast 45 mins

Plyometric training is a combination of sheer strength combined with fast movement. The intense form of jump training focuses on moving in rapid, explosive manner, where your muscles exert maximum force in short bursts, with the goals of increasing power, speed and strength. Plyo training is used by athletes to improve performance and is a popular fat-burning, full body workout.

Outdoor Bootcamp 45 mins

It would be rude not to train in the amazing surroundings that MADE sits in. Expect a variety of training utilising our woodland trail, outdoor terrace and 72 acres of land. Expect our bootcamp in Staffordshire countryside to take place in all weather conditions from sunny summer to the cold winter. No excuses!

Running Club 45-60 mins

A weekly running meet suitable for those looking to improve their level of fitness. We aim to help the ‘slower’ runners add pace and the faster runners add distance. We meet in the MADE cafe, stretch outside, run over a variety of terrain in the beautiful surroundings up to 5km and finish with a protein smoothie.

Boxing 45 mins 

Our unique boxing class taken by a professional boxer combines pad work with circuit style training for a heart raising experience. Not only will this offer a fantastic upper body workout using our bespoke, MADE pad and gloves, it will also focus on other muscles in the body during the high intensity moves. Did we mention it’s also a fantastic stress reliever too!?


Family Fitness Circuits 45 mins 

Teach your children good habits and they will adopt them into their own lives, from healthy eating to an active lifestyle. Our family circuits bring your crew together to learn fun new fitness techniques both indoor and outdoors to keep the whole family healthy. Minimum age 7 years.

Kids Fitness 45 mins 

The perfect class to tire out your little monsters. Packed full of energy and serious amounts of fun, with upbeat music to keep them entertained throughout. This high energy workout will help to improve stamina, coordination, flexibility and confidence. No iPads required 😉