3D Body Scanning

A 360 body scan is a term for the process behind creating a virtual avatar of a persons body. It enables us to track body change in many ways. Nowadays, 360 body scanners go far beyond just a visualisation of a gym member and gives deep insights into the user’s health, body composition, full posture reports and circumferences across the client’s entire body.

How does it work?

The FIT3D scanner works by taking 1,200 images of the gym member while they stand on a rotational baseplate. These images are sent back to a central server to stitch together and creates the virtual avatar as well as body fat percentage, fat mass vs lean mass, measurements, wellness metrics and posture reports. All reports are then delivered to the individual member’s personal account for them to access.

Why is FIT3D different?

Forget the weight scales, callipers and tape measure, this piece of kit does the lot! Old fashioned technology is open to inaccuracies especially if you see different trainers each month for updated measurements. The scan can be done in private in our consultation room, avoiding manual measurements with a member of our gym team which some people can find very off putting.


How can it track my progress?


The FIT 3D scanner is a great way to track your progress. It’s quick, non-invasive and reliable and because you are using the same equipment each time, the results will be more true to life than manually taking measurements each check-in. Gym team are able to compare your results, layering one image over the other to show exactly where you have lost/gained depending on your goals. You have complete access to your reports at any time as they are emailed directly to you and fitness workout programmes/nutrition programmes can be built to suit your needs and targets.


Fit3D Body Scan Prices

Body Scan £20 per scan

Members – body scans and consultations are FREE. **Your scan will take 15 minutes and you can then book an optional seperate consultation meeting for 15 minutes after your consultation has taken place.**