Fitness Discovery

Your Personalised 6 Week Programme

New MADE Fitness Discovery 6 Week Customised Programme



PRICE: £160 (worth £284)

WHEN: pick your start date with a member of our fitness team

WHAT: you will not only be guided through a customised fitness journey tailored to you, but receive 360 degree attention to your wellbeing including in depth analysis on your vital statistics, meditation introduction & a motivational workshop.

WHO: if you are new to exercise, have taken a break from fitness, looking at postnatal exercises, or if you’re not satisfied with your current fitness regime, then the MADE Fitness Discovery package is the perfect place to begin.


CUSTOMISE YOUR JOURNEY: you can take 1 of 3 directions outlined below to suit your individual aims & goals:

Fitness & Endurance

We will focus on improving your overall fitness, developing your endurance, stamina and recovery. Class example.. Plyo, Running, Indoor Cyce, Dance Fit, HIIT & Outdoor Bootcamp.

Strength & Conditioning

We will focus on strength and power to develop muscle definition using customised exercises to sculpt and tone your physique. Class examples.. Barbell, Kettlebell, Hypertrophy, Gym HIIT, Metcon Circuits

Mindfulness & Flexibility

We will focus on flexibility improving core strength, posture, alignment and breathing emphasising on relaxation. Class examples.. traditional, relaxing and specialist yoga, fitness pilates and meditation.



*Unlimited gym usage

*121 gym induction & programme

*3 group personal training sessions

*Meditation class

*Motivation workshop

*Customised MADE water bottle

*2 classes every week

*Your fitness introduction (meet our experts, lifestyle consultation, MADE app, class & PT bookings)

*2 Fit 3D body scans (start & finish in-depth analysis of your health, posture, body composition & measurements)

To book call : 01782 969300