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Immunity Boosting Advice

With everything that is happening at the moment, keeping your immune system energised and efficient is so important. Your immune system is responsible for identifying and protecting you against harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites1. But what can you do to make sure it is in peak condition?

Here are some of our top tips:

  • Get your vitamins in by having a balanced diet
  • Take regular exercise
  • Try to avoid any unnecessary stress
  • Aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night



Thyroid, Nutrition & Supplements

  • Are you struggling to lose weight?
  • Are you feeling exhausted midway through the morning?
  • Do you toss and turn all night?
  • Is your mood growing less predictable, good mood/bad mood, motivation drops?

There’s a very good chance that your thyroid may be the blame. A weakened thyroid can lead to constant anxiety, trouble falling or staying asleep, low energy during the day, mood swings you can’t control and the inability to lose weight.

Simply answer the following questions truthfully to see if your thyroid is to blame.


6 Ways To Get Excited About Healthy Eating

Sometimes when people talk about eating healthy, it’s hard to picture it as anything other than snacking on celery and eating plain salads. But realistically, healthy eating can be an extremely fun way of experimenting with new ingredients and recipes that are good for you. At the end of the day, eating healthy isn’t about the fad diets, it’s about making better choices with the food.

So, to help you get excited about eating healthier, we have put some tips together which will help you in your journey to a healthier diet.


20 Questions: Penny Weston (Founder)

Director of Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat and brainchild of MADE, Penny Weston is an inspiration to us all. Self-motivated with a relentless drive to achieve, Penny is constantly pushing the boundaries to achieve the very best out of herself, her staff and her business.

Behind the scenes, in Penny’s personal life, health problems led Penny to become invested in learning about nutrition and fitness. What started initially as a side business in healthy, brightly coloured, sugar-free treats soon became a successful and fruitful business plan; MADE.

How did she get here? We caught up with Penny to discuss all things MADE.

  1. Were you always health conscious?
    I never used to be healthy. In fact, quite the opposite. I ate really badly in my teens and twenties and I wasn’t active at all either.
  2. What made you change your approach to health?
    My lifestyle and unhealthy relationship with food had so many negative effects. I had dull skin, dark circles, tiredness, bloating and terrible cramps. My fight with asthma was a big drive to becoming healthier. I first went to a circuits class with a friend and quickly fell in love with fitness and health. Soon, I saw my body change, my skin got brighter and I was feeling great.



We've got it MADE!

Huge excitement here at Moddershall Oaks with the launch of our innovative new wellness centre, MADE, last month.  A collaboration which sees top experts in wellbeing working together to create an inclusive bespoke and boutique fitness and wellness facility.

An integral part of our stunning new concept is our state-of-the-art fitness offering, set amidst the stunning backdrop of the Staffordshire countryside.  What more could you ask for as inspiration or motivation to create a happier, healthier lifestyle.

The centre offers a wide range of fun classes and activities all in the name of exercise, with four bespoke workout zones to suit all levels.

The Boutique Fitness Gym is a stylish surrounding for your machine-based training, packed with a large range of custom-made black fitness equipment.


Great British Entrepreneurial Awards 2018

It has just been announced that Midlands based Penny Weston of Moddershall Oaks and Welcome to MADE has been shortlisted for the 2018 NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards in the Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Year award.

Penny Weston beat off some tough competition in order to make the regional shortlist, with a record number of businesses entering the awards nationally across the wide range of categories.

Now in its sixth year, the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards has celebrated some amazing entrepreneurs over the years, many of whom are now household names. Past winners include David Buttress of Just Eat, Julie Deane OBE of The Cambridge Satchel Company, James Watt of BrewDog and most recently, Hannah and Sophie Pycroft of Spectrum Collections.


Time to Rise & Shine - The MADE Way

Exercising first thing in the morning is not only a great way to boost your fitness, it’s the perfect time to reap the most health benefits. That’s why here at MADE, we believe in getting the most out of the day with a range of early classes, both indoors and out, to really help you get the best possible start.

When you make exercise part of your morning routine you’re less likely skip it and let other things get in the way. Even if you struggle to wake up at first, getting up and getting moving, in whatever way you choose, will leave you feeling revitalised and ready for the day. From a gentle yoga practice, with sun salutations to wake up those muscles; to a high energy work out to kickstart your metabolism and get that circulation going, at Fitness at MADE it’s always a good morning to exercise.


Isometric Movement 101

Did you know you can strengthen and tone your body without even moving a muscle? It’s called isometric movement and it’s an easy and effective way to help stay in shape. Even better, it can be done anywhere and without any equipment.

When you do this type of exercise, you tense your muscles but they don’t actually move. They create muscle tension in a static position rather than being dynamic through movement. For example, pressing your hands together as if in prayer and holding for 10 seconds is an isometric exercise.  You’ll feel tension in your chest and arms and yet your arms haven’t moved.

At MADE we incorporate isometric exercises into many of our fitness classes. Here are our top three for you to try either here in the gym or at home…


The secret to being happier is…

Whilst there are many things that can make us temporarily happy, it turns out (and is scientifically proven!) that being part of a community can actually make you happier!

At MADE, we are driven by our community aspect and love bringing like-minded people together whilst helping them to transform their lives!

Here are a few reasons as to why we focus so much on creating a community at MADE:

  1. If you are someone who feels a little insecure about themselves or maybe gets anxious in social situations, going to the gym on your own can be daunting! Knowing that you will be in a class with other people in the same situation as you, who are all there for the same reasons can give a sense of comfort and make the experience less intimidating!


The 5 Benefits of Cycle Classes

The top 5 benefits of Cycle Classes! 

Cycle classes have become a popular workout over recent years, and it’s for good reason! According to some studies1 one hour of spinning is enough to trigger the release of blood chemicals associated with heart stress or changes, which is a signal that the heart is getting a good work out!  

If that isn’t enough to show you why cycling is one of the best high-intensity workouts, then keep on reading as we are going to put together the 5 benefits of cycle classes… 


MADE to empower event

It was such a lovely surprise to be invited along to Moddershall Oak’s MADE Wellness Centre, for a Blogger and Influencer Female Empowerment event. I have visited this remarkable countryside retreat several times before, but never have I come away feeling so inspired and uplifted for the future.

Am sure you’re wondering why… probably not but please read on anyway!

The morning began with a delicious breakfast made right on the premises in the Wellness Cafe that serves up an amazing range of freshly made nutritious food and drinks. We were all treated to a refreshing smoothie and a gluten-free granola smoothie bowl. They aim to centre their menu around being dairy and gluten-free, as well as including a variety of plant-based options so there is something for everyone.


Penny Weston shortlisted for the 2019 Staffordshire Chambers’ Business Awards

It has just been announced that Midlands based Penny Weston of Moddershall Oaks andWelcome to MADEhas been shortlisted for the 2019 Staffordshire Chambers’ Business Awards in the Entrepreneur of the Year category.

Penny Weston beat off some tough competition in order to make the regional shortlist, with hundreds of entries across the categories, resulting in a difficult task for the judging panel. Penny is the Director of Moddershall Oaks and last year opened a new wellness business called MADE offering memberships, classes, workshops, treatments, healthy food & gifts.

Find out more..


Welcome to my first in a series of posts about my fitness journey at MADE wellness centre in Staffordshire.

I was first introduced to MADE back in March when I joined them for a whole day of wellness and fitness. It is such a gorgeous addition to Moddershall Oaks complex. It was a day I’ll never forget and not just because it ended in a hot tub with the most stunning view and a glass of fizz! It was a truly inspiring day. You can read all about my First Impressions of MADE here. This was the day my eyes were opened to a new way of approaching my training. In an environment that felt more like me.

I was looking for something different and after just one week I know I’ve found it. I feel inspired. Invigorated. I want to train harder. I want to be a better version of me. For more than five years I have spent my time weight training, taking part in circuits, I found a love for spinning but something was missing. Read more..


Welcome to my second post all about my fitness and well being journey with MADE. You can read my first post all about my thoughts after week 1 here. It sounds a little cliche, but really how is it that I have been back to training for 3 weeks. They say time flies when you’re having fun. So, let me tell you how it’s going. I feel focused, I feel happy, I feel good. My new routine has empowered me to train harder, to look at my current results and find ways of improving, I have more energy, I’m sleeping better. Life is good. And it’s all a direct result of my training. I feel like my approach to fitness has evolved, I feel happier and healthier. Thank you to everyone at MADE.

Read more..

THE KA EDIT MADE & Me [ Trying new things ]

New experiences, stepping out of your comfort zone and finding joy in trying new things. Not being afraid to walk in a room and train alone. It can be nerve wracking. I know I have felt anxious, and certainly did when I first started to train at MADE but that very quickly went as the environment is so welcoming. The trainers are attentive and those that train at MADE are so warm and friendly. For me that’s how I am feeling after the past few week’s training with the team. I feel like I’ve now joined what the team call the MADE movement. And let’s not forget the feeling after you have tried something new, don’t you just love that sense of achievement? Which I think is so important for staying motivated to train. And so, in a follow up to my last post here are a few things I have been trying at MADE…

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