Re-focus your mind and soul

Meditation is all about taking the time out our hectic to lives to reflect and re-focus our energy on all the positives. By concentrating on things we are grateful for we can practice throwing away any negative energy. Meditation gives us that much needed time to be alone in our thoughts and prepare  positively for anything that lies ahead.

Meditation Classes

Hatha Yoga & Meditation | 60 mins

Hatha Yoga is a slower form of yoga including breathing exercises to bring peace to the mind & body. This is a slower class which combines Hatha with Meditation for the ultimate mindfulness class.


Meditation | 45 mins

In this class you will practice concentrated focus, allowing you to detach from the busy modern world…reducing stress, relieving anxiety & promoting relaxation. It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to appreciate the present. This guided meditation will help you to become more relaxed and in tune with your inner most thoughts. The session will help you to become more aware of how your thoughts affect you and how best to view the world (and yourself) with less judgement.



REDUCES STRESS: one of the most common reasons why people try a meditation class is to help reduce stress. Mindful meditation can decrease stress and the harmful effects that stress has, including sleep quality, depression and increased blood pressure.

IMPROVES SLEEP: so many of us struggle to sleep at some point, and practicing meditation helps us to control and redirect thoughts that lead to insomnia. By relaxing your body, releasing tension and placing you in a peaceful state, you will fall asleep sooner and stay asleep for longer.

DECREASES BLOOD PRESSURE: meditation can help to reduce blood pressure by relaxing your nerves and relieving tension in your blood vessels. This in turn reduces the strain placed on your heart and can lower the changes of heart attacks and strokes in later life.

CONTROLS ANXIETY: mindful meditation helps to reduce anxiety and the symptoms that come with it including phobias, paranoia, social anxiety and panic attacks. The classes can even help you to reduce stress over the long term too.

IMPROVES ATTENTION: meditation is like an exercise class for your mind, increasing the strength and endurance of your attention. Those practicing meditation regularly are able to stay focused on tasks for longer and can prevent their mind wandering and worrying unnecessarily.

AND YOU CAN MEDITATE ANYWHERE!! There are many forms of meditation and you usually don’t need any equipment.


Experience the benefits of meditation for yourself, as well as discover which styles of meditation work best for you.