The MADE Team

Meet the Team

We work with some of the best people in the world. It’s true. From a warm welcome at reception and friendly service at the café to a bespoke and personalised hands-on fitness programme delivery, we have a strong team whose main priority is you.

Aiming to not only educate but truly inspire, the team is passionate about motivation and will help you to become your best self. From food to workouts, MADE is all about living well and our team are the best people to guide you to optimum health and happiness.

Don’t just take our word for it though, come in, say hello and meet our team.

Penny - Director & Founder

Penny Weston is an entrepreneur from Staffordshire who became duty manager of Moddershall Oaks at the age of 19 and soon after, Director at the age of 24. Helping to take the business from small health club to leading destination spa with over 100 employees, Penny has been involved in all aspects of its success including marketing, sales and operations.

Behind the scenes in Penny’s personal life, health problems with anxiety and asthma led her to become invested in learning about nutrition and fitness. After years of research and planning, 9 months of construction and a £1.5m investment, MADE opened in August 2018. 

Relentless. Self-motivated. Driven.

Kirsty - Centre Manager

Local to the area, Kirsty is here to ensure that MADE redefines the way in which people view wellness. Underneath her deceptively small demeanour lies a big personality and a passion for delivering to the highest standard. With an extensive history in customer service and hospitality, Kirsty is always on-hand to help – feel welcome to say hello!

Kirsty is a keen fitness enthusiast herself, with a background in gruelling endurance events, strength conditioning and circuit training. When she’s not busy making things tick at MADE, you’ll likely find her in our boutique gym putting herself through her paces!

Energetic. Charismatic. Dedicated.



Helena - Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Helena is all about the feel-good factor. She works her magic on not only changing your body but most importantly…your mind.

Any adversities you face in or out of the gym, she’s got your back! Don’t be fooled by her all smiles approach, her classes bring out her wicked side and will have you working to another level of exertion.

Sugar. Spice. All things nice.

Strengths: Wellbeing, HIIT, Strength, Group Exercise.

Jayne - Yoga, Pilates & Meditation Instructor

Jayne wants to get her hands on your Chakras and the calm serene one!  If life is stressful and you feel like ommmming, Jayne’s yoga, pilates and meditation classes are the places to be!

She lives and breathes Yoga philosophy, is hugely passionate about the benefits of Yoga for reducing stress and increasing your overall wellbeing and can talk for hours about your Nadis!

Previously dancer trained, enjoying 10 years travelling worldwide with her dancing career, she ended up in a ski town in Canada before choosing to leave with just her bike and a suitcase to follow her dream of becoming a Yoga Instructor. She is a Yoga Alliance Professional and when she isn’t teaching Yoga you will find her with her rucksack packed, on her way to an Indian Ashram or an Asian adventure.  Talk about a busman’s holiday. . . Oh, and she makes a mean vegan curry!

Calm. Healing. Bendy.

Strengths: Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation

Mark - Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & Sport Massage

Mark is widely experienced and a well-motivated former Royal Marine Commando. With over 20 years’ experience as a fitness professional, he takes pride in his role, working with all abilities for their fitness training, highly skilled in many disciplines to push and work with you, striving to bring out the inner strengths we all possess.

Mark has taken groups to the top of Mont Blanc, The Matterhorn and The Eiger to name just a few, using his ethos of Commando training to help all around him to succeed in their fitness journey. 

Dedicated. Adaptable. Hardcore.

Strengths: Suspension Training, HIIT, Indoor Cycling, Kettlebell, Bootcamps, Group & 1-2-1.

Andy - Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & Sports Therapist

Born in Staffordshire, Andy has loved fitness from an early age, playing county, football, golf and tennis. Over the years, Andy has developed an array of skills in the fitness industry from trainee to managerial and even a lecturer in sports and nutrition degrees.

Andy’s classes are no easy feat but they centre around fun. Expect a lot of burpees and a good old fashioned beasting!

Andy is extremely passionate about the industry and helping clients meet their goals. It’s all about a lifestyle, not quick fixes.

Fun. Outgoing. Driven.

Strengths: Strength & Conditioning, HIIT and Nutrition.

Ollie - Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Ollie has been building his fitness for 4 years and has now reached a level where he wants to help other people to achieve their desired level of fitness. Ollie enjoys motivating people to reach and exceed their goals with a positive approach delivering sessions that are varied and fun.

Running is one of Ollie’s passions and he can help you to train for competitions and fitness events. He enjoys helping people to become more confident in themselves. Ollie has always been sporty and has played cricket and tennis as well as taking part in athletics, swimming and cycling.

I have a job as a MADE Coach to motivate you to hit your goals and getting you fit, whilst keeping a smile on your face throughout every session. I will make sessions fun and always mix them up so no two sessions will be the same.

Dedicated, Fast and Fun

Strengths: Boxing, Training for Events, Toning up and Losing weight 


Robbie - Group Fitness Instructor

Hailing from Staffordshire, Robbie is a Development Engineer by profession but after a life changing illness decided to become a part-time Fitness Instructor.

Described as a motivator with a passion for music which he utilises to create a high energy buzz during Group Cycle. Robbie compliments this with the yin energy of Yoga & Pilates (Fitness Yogalates) for a complete mind/body workout but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Increased flexibility requires powerful muscles for stability and a strong core to support the back helping to prevent or alleviate musculoskeletal issues – Robbie takes a multi-factorial approach to health & firmly believe in mind, body & soul.

Musical. Passionate. Spiritual.

Strengths: Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Pilates and Reiki

Luke - Boxing Instructor

Luke is our fantastic professional boxer! He will put you through your paces teaching you the perfect technique to help enhance your boxing knowledge and ability. His first fight was when he was 13 which was 16 years ago. He then went on to have his first professional fight which was just over 2 years ago.

 Determined, Motivated, Hardworking

Strengths: boxing, running, circuits

Grace- Yoga Instructor

Grace is a Staffordshire based Yoga and Meditation teacher with a passion for helping everyone she encounters – both in her classes and off the mat – manifest their dreams, heal past hurt and step into their true power.

Inspired by her earlier elite gymnastics career Grace’s love for movement translates to a physical practice and teaching style that is both strong and graceful, challenging and grounding. Over the past few years her yoga practice has become more than a physical practice on the mat. It has evolved organically on mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions, and now, alongside meditation, plays a momentous role in nourishing her physical and mental well-being.

In 2019 Grace ventured to Sri Lanka, where she completed her RYS 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Through teaching yoga, meditation and running an online platform she helps others learn to listen to come home to themselves and reclaim their true power.

Soul- Work, Energy, Surrender

Strengths: Meditation, Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Athletes

Charlie - Yoga Instructor

Charlie is a yoga teacher, movement enthusiast and health and wellness advocate. As an active person Charlie promotes wellbeing through movement, encouraging those around her to take time for themselves and indulge in moving meditation as she see’s movement as an opportunity to check out and tune into the present. Her Vinyasa practice grew from a love of playing transitions, linking movements and discovering new ways to enter in and out of postures almost like a dance with the mat. Charlie aspires to teach sequences that spark the imagination and leave students going away feeling excited to make discoveries of their own. Believing that everybody has hidden treasures within themselves waiting to be discovered Charlie encourages those around her to take stock each day by spending time loosing themselves in self care and nurturing their relationship with themselves. Her classes promote a balance between strength and flexibility with an onus on challenging possibilities and redefining what students think is possible. Charlie strives to create a safe space for students to honour their body, breathe deeply and make their practice their own.

Patience, determination, dedicated

Strengths: Flexible, strong, balanced