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23rd September - Fit 3D Scanner

Monday 23rdSeptember @ 8.00pm

Fit 3D Scanner

By Mark

As a MADE member you get unlimited use of the Fit3D body scanner. If you want to find out about how the scanner works, what results to expect and how to interpret the information, then this workshop is perfect for you. The scanner gives you deep insights into your health, body composition, posture and measurements and enables us to track changes and set goals.

28th September - Peak District Walk

Saturday 28thSeptember @ AM TBC

Peak District Walk

By Mark

The opportunity to enjoy spectacular views and get out amongst nature with a members’ walk. Meeting first at MADE, car share to the Peak District where Mark will take the guided walk. Whether you are walking to improve your health or just for fun, there are many benefits of walking outdoors in the fresh air. We will even provide some refuelling snacks!

7th October - Strength & Conditioning Workshop

Monday 7thOctober @ 6.15pm

Strength & Conditioning Workshop

By Mark

Join our experienced instructor Mark to find out more in-depth information on the benefits of strength & conditioning training. After the talk in the café, you will then take part in a workshop in our gym where you will learn new training methods which you can easily add to your training regime.

22nd October - Body Confidence

Tuesday 22nd October @ 6.30pm

Body Confidence

By Helena

We believe that body confidence and empowerment is important to help maintain a positive mindset and a healthy relationship with exercise. MADE aims to help our members with body image and self esteem, improving the way you feel and come across. You even have a ‘Stay Sassy’ poster to take away.

6th November - Mindful Eating

Wednesday 6thNovember @ 6.00pm

Mindful Eating

By Karen

An engaging workshop that looks at simple and practical steps to more mindful eating, helping you with techniques to sustain your diet. Whether you are a yoyo dieter, an emotional eater or a binge eater with a hectic lifestyle, we try to improve your relationship with food and control your eating habits… whilst still enjoying what you eat.

9th November - Biomechanics

Saturday 9thNovember @ 12.00pm


By Sub-4

If you have issues with your back or posture, problems with your ankles or knees, or experience pain when you exercise then we can help. We are proud to announce that we have arranged Sub-4 Biomechanics to deliver a talk and clinic, where you can find out more about potential problems so we can help to get you back on track.

20th November - Be Balanced

Wednesday 20thNovember @ 11.00am

Be Balanced

By Helena

Join our instructor Helena to discuss lifestyle balance in order to help you feel more relaxed, uplifted and ready to live a stress-free life. Helena will cover rest days, nutrition and exercise, as well as practising daily mindfulness, helping you to achieve optimal wellbeing.

11th December - Christmas Party

Wednesday 11thDecember @ 7.00pm

MADE Member’s Christmas Party!

The Venue @ Moddershall Oaks

We are offering MADE members half price tickets to celebrate Christmas with the MADE team. Just £20 per person including a 3 course festive meal and DJ entertainment. This offer is also open to guests of yours subject to availability. We will also be giving MADE members complimentary prosecco on the table. Book your tickets now!

15th January - Let's Talk Running

Wednesday 15thJanuary@ 6.00pm

Let’s Talk Running

By Ollie

This workshop on running preparation is aimed at all levels and will help to give you the confidence to run with confidence and enjoyment. We will discuss pre and post running nutrition and discuss future running clubs in the MADE timetable. You also get a handy take away guide to running.