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Eating MADE Exciting



Recharge before a class with a fresh juice, refuel after a workout with a smoothie, purchase a healthy meal plan, meet with friends for lunch, bring your children for a mylkshake, or relax on your own with a healthy piece of cake.

We offer vibrant, colourful and exciting food that steers clear of refined sugars and anything artificial. It is about nourishing your body whilst feeling indulgent.

MADE Food Menu

Honey Nut Granola | Camomile Greek Yoghurt | Pink Grapefruit | Bee Pollen £5.95 (V, GF) 

Apple & Pineapple Overnight Oats | Almond Milk | Banana | Toasted Coconut £6.50 (VE, GF) 

Vanilla Oat Porridge | Sour Cherry Reduction | Dark Chocolate Shavings | Raspberries £6.50 (VE, GF)

Chilli & Lime Avo Smash | Cherry Tomatoes | Poached Eggs | Smoked Salt | Sourdough Toast £7.50 (V) (VE option without eggs £6.50) 

Grilled Halloumi | Red Pepper Chilli Jam | Wholegrain Bagel £5.95 (V)  

Smoked Salmon | Citrus Cream Cheese | Wholegrain Bagel | Cucumber £5.95

Lemon Chicken | Spinach | Mozzarella | Cranberry | Wholegrain Bagel £6.95

Toasted Almonds | Quinoa | Broccoli | Dried Cranberries | Feta Cheese | Lemon £7.50 (V) 

Moroccan Cous Cous | Roast Sweet Potato | Cucumber | Pomegranate | Dried Apricot | Red Onion | Harissa Yoghurt £7.95 (V) 

Roast Chicken | Wild Rice | Roasted Broccoli | Spinach | Kidney Beans | Cashew Nuts | Peanut Dressing £7.95 (VE option without chicken £5.95) 

Roast Sweet Potato  | Feta Cheese | Spinach | Red Onion | Frittata | Citrus Greek Yoghurt £6.95 (V) 

Goan Curry Sauce | Roasted New Potatoes | Spinach | Black Mustard Seeds £6.95 (VE) 

MADE Drinks Menu

JUICES £3.95

Cleansing Green; kale, spinach, lemon, apple, cucumber, ginger

Orange Roots; carrot, apple, orange, ginger, turmeric

Tropical Mint; pineapple, cucumber, apple, mango, mint leaves

Purple Berry; strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, apple, coconut water, agave



Energy; strawberry, oats, agave, cinnamon, chia seeds, almond milk

Recharge; mango, pineapple, banana, coconut yoghurt, coconut milk

Indulgent; peanut butter, banana, cacao, chia seeds, agave, oat milk

Glowing; blueberry, raspberry, agave, almond butter, almond milk

Green; banana, kale, spinach, cashew butter, oat milk



We also have a selection of soft, protein, pre workout and BCAA drinks in our grab n go fridges in the MADE cafe.



Chocolate Brownie Mylkshake; raw chocolate brownie, banana, cashew nuts, date syrup, almond milk

Nutty Flapjack Mylkshake; nut butter flapjack, banana, almond milk

Strawberries & Cream Mylkshake; strawberry, banana, agave, cashew butter, almond milk

Topped with vegan whipped cream



Teapigs Tea  £3.00

Espresso   £2.00
Macchiato  £2.20
Americano  £3.00
Flat White  £3.20
Cappuccino / Latté  £3.50

Specialist Lattés  £4.00
Matcha, Turmeric, Chai (spiced or vanilla)

Raw Hot Chocolate £4.00

Choice of milk; semi-skimmed, coconut, almond, oat

Add vegan whipped coconut cream to your hot drink for no extra charge

MADE Treats


Nut Butter Flapjack

Nut Free Double Chocolate Brownie

Nut Free Coconut & Lime Mousse Cake


Hot Drink & Treat Deal £5.50

Choose any hot drink (excluding specialist lattes) plus a pudding from above for just £5.50!




The SMOOTHIE of your choice with our very own honey nut granola and mixed fruit.   


The SMOOTHIE of your choice with layers and layers of treats.

Unicorn Super Treat Jar £4.95

VEGAN FroYo £3.50

Berry or Chocolate!


£1.95 for 1  |  £2.75 for 2  |  £3.50 for 3