MADE Wellness Assessment

MADE Wellness Assessment is a 45 minute health check carried out by one of our experienced personal trainers. During the test you will discuss your overall health and fitness, and we will perform non-invasive key clinical tests such as blood glucose and blood pressure, to identify any potential health risks. There will also be a health & wellbeing questionnaire and your results will be used to create a customised plan to help you towards achieving your health and fitness goals.

The 45 minute consultation will include the discussion about your wellbeing and fitness including your lifestyle, nutrition and sleep. We will importantly discuss your goals so we have objectives to work towards. It includes your full body Fit3D body composition scan including measurements, body fat and posture. We will check your blood pressure, your lung capacity, your height and weight, and perform a diabetes check. Finally we will carry out a 3 minute fitness step test.

MADE Wellness Assessment will help you to become healthier by:

– Measuring your current fitness levels
– Identifying potential health risks
– Defining achievable goals
– Providing a personal fitness programme
– Giving lifestyle guidance
– Tracking progress

The MADE Wellness Assessment is a two-way conversation. The more you put into it, the more you will get out. We recommend taking an assessment every 3 months to benchmark your fitness and adapt your training to stay on track.

Price: £30

Included for MADE members