Yoga Classes

We offer Yoga Classes to Suit All

We offer Yoga Classes to suit all from traditional, relaxing, power, specialist and meditation. 

OM Class Prices

1 Class Pass         £8.00

6 Class Passes     £43.00 (£7.17 per class)

12 Class Passes   £81.00 (£6.75 per class)

The above prices include pre / post natal yoga too.

£12.00 – Monthly Yoga work shop (Last Saturday of every month)

£10.00 –  Pay as you go on 90 minute classes.

Traditional Yoga

Hatha Yoga | 60 mins

A slower from of yoga combined with breathing exercises to bring peace to the mind & body.

Hatha Yoga & Meditation | 60 mins

A slower class which combines both Hatha Yoga & Meditation together.

Stretch & Restore Yoga | 90 mins

Maximum benefit with minimum effort. Great for flexibility, muscles & joint health.

Hips & Spine Yoga | 60 mins

Learn to cultivate a greater range of motion & flexibility in these key areas.

PiYo Fusion | 60 minutes

A fusion of pilates & yoga that incorporates pilates techniques  & yoga postures to enhance balance, strength & flexibility.

Vinyasa Yoga | 60 mins

Move seamlessly from one pose to another using specialist breathing techniques.

Pilates | 60 mins 

Pilates puts emphasis on alignment, breathing and strengthening your core.

Power Yoga | 60 mins 

An intense, faster form of yoga that will really make you sweat, giving you a challenging workout.

Meditation | 45 mins

The practice of concentrated focus allowing you to detach from the busy modern world…reducing stress & promoting relaxtion.