Yoga Classes

All experiences welcome



OM Classes at MADE include all our yoga, pilates and meditation classes.

You can pay as you go, buy class bundles for better value, or sign up for a yoga membership for unlimited classes. ENQUIRE NOW


OM Class Prices

1 Class Pass         £8.00

6 Class Passes     £43.00 (£7.17 per class)

12 Class Passes   £81.00 (£6.75 per class)


2 hour yoga workshop £15 (members £12)

Pay as you go 90 minute class £10

Hatha Yoga | 60 mins

A slower from of yoga combined with breathing exercises to bring peace to the mind & body.

Hatha Yoga & Meditation | 60 mins

A slower class which combines both Hatha Yoga & Meditation together.

Stretch & Restore Yoga | 90 mins

Maximum benefit with minimum effort. Great for flexibility, muscles & joint health.

Hips & Spine Yoga | 60 mins

Learn to cultivate a greater range of motion & flexibility in these key areas.

Meditation | 45 mins

The practice of concentrated focus allowing you to detach from the busy modern world…reducing stress & promoting relaxtion.

PiYo Fusion | 60 minutes

A fusion of pilates & yoga that incorporates pilates techniques  & yoga postures to enhance balance, strength & flexibility.

Vinyasa Yoga | 60 mins

Move seamlessly from one pose to another using specialist breathing techniques.

Pilates | 60 mins 

Pilates puts emphasis on alignment, breathing and strengthening your core.

Power Yoga | 60 mins 

An intense, faster form of yoga that will really make you sweat, giving you a challenging workout.

Hot Power Yoga | 45 mins 

Power yoga practised in a warmer environment to burn extra calories and get rid of the bodies toxins.