Yoga Workshops

Themed, informative yoga events


15th November 2pm – 4pm

Chakra Balancing Workshop

Join Grace for a 2-hour soulful journey through the 7 main chakras. This Chakra Balancing Workshop will bring you into a more harmonious state of mind, body and spirit, cultivating more grounding, love and balance in your life.

This workshop will include education on the energetic chakra system, specific yoga postures, mudras, mantras, visualization and essential oils to open, awaken and balance each of your chakras. The workshop will end with a closing ceremony and healing meditation.

The word chakra in Sanskrit means “wheel.” Traditionally there are 7 energetic “wheels” located along the spine of the body. When we balance our energy centres in the body, we start to feel stronger, healthier and more in tune with our lives. We unblock any stagnant energy or negative programming that may be getting in the way of living our best life.

Each participant will take home their own Chakra Balancing workbook lovingly created by Grace.

Workshop includes:

  • Chakra Guide
  • Chakra Balancing Workbook
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chakra Balancing Yoga
  • Meditation and Closing Ceremony

December 20th 2pm – 4pm

Time for You this Christmas

with Grace Moore

For most of us, December is a super busy time of year – often associated with rushing here, there and everywhere, buying gifts for loved ones, and preparing for the festivities of Christmas.

With all the rushing around, sometimes we forget to put aside some time for ourselves to recharge and refill our own cup. Join me for an afternoon to press pause on the craziness of Christmas, let’s slow down together and show ourselves some kindness this December.

This 2-hour workshop will begin with a short mindful woodland walk to clear away any cobwebs and Christmas worries. We will then head back into the warmth immersed in soft glowing candlelight and diffusing essential oils. I will guide you through a rejuvenating mindful flow and heart-warming meditation.

Close your eyes and visualise this… it’s cold and frosty outside, you walk into a cosy candle lit room filled with a calming aroma that will help you leave any stresses at the door.

Grace will then guide you through a mindful flowing yoga practice with gentle inner-balancing and heart-opening postures that will ignite love, joy and inner peace.

Grace will talk you through her lovingly selected essential oils and share how they can help keep you grounded, lifted or give you a little helping hand to reduce anxious feelings this busy time of year. To finish your afternoon off perfectly, Grace will take you through a guided meditation that will leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on Christmas.

All levels welcome.

January 3rd 2pm – 4pm

Embrace the Waves of the Lunar Cycle: An Intention Setting Workshop

with Grace Moore

In the lunar cycle, the moon reaches the first quarter a week after the new moon – falling on Friday 3rd January. According to Palermo, the first half moon after the new moon is called the first quarter because, at that point, the moon is one-quarter of the way through its monthly cycle of phases.

This lunar phase (the time between the New Moon and the First Quarter) marks a new beginning. With apanic energy, or ‘downward spiraling energy’, this period often leads to lower physical and mental motivation.

This 2-hour workshop will include grounding and calming breathing techniques, a slower, energy balancing vinyasa flow and will finish with a peaceful guided meditation.

During this workshop we embrace the lunar cycle (and this time at the start of the New Year) with slower, grounding and more fluid movement. To mark a new beginning, please also bring a pen and some paper to reflect and set intentions for your 2020, the year of endless possibilities awaiting you.

Yoga Workshop Prices

Our yoga workshops are usually 2 hours long and cost £15 per person.

Advanced bookings necessary so contact us now to enquire.

Members receive a special rate of £12 for yoga workshops.


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